360 billion dirhams of exports in 2022

Industry and Trade Minister Ryad Mezzour said on Tuesday that Morocco’s industrial exports should reach 360 billion dirhams (MMDH) in 2022.

In response to an oral question in the House of Councilors on “The assessment of the Industrial Acceleration Plan 2014-2020”, Mezzour recalled that the volume of industrial exports had not exceeded 160 billion dirhams in 2013, i.e. before the launch of the said Plan, thus highlighting an increase of around 200 billion dirhams over a period of 9 years.

This Plan has achieved a “very positive” result, notably exceeding its objective of creating 500,000 jobs, noted the Minister, adding that this system has also made it possible to create integrated industrial ecosystems, to support competitiveness, to strengthen the confidence of Moroccan and foreign investors in Moroccan industry and to strengthen Morocco’s attractiveness as a destination for industrial investment.

In addition, in his response to another question on “Strengthening trade with African countries”, Mezzour said that the volume of trade with African countries would reach more than 65 billion dirhams in 2022, noting that these exchanges have more than quadrupled during the period 2001-2021, going from 10 billion dirhams to 46 billion dirhams in 2021.

Nevertheless, ambitions have not yet been achieved at this level, he said, stressing the existence of a series of projects likely to consolidate trade and partnership with African countries, including the Free Zone. African continental exchange, and the port of Dakhla, called to become, after its completion in 2027, a high-level gateway to Africa to improve access to African markets and the accessibility of African products to world markets .


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