330 job seekers trained in soft skills and others

330 job seekers trained in soft skills and others

The Moroccan Foundation for Education for Employment (EFE-Morocco) is committed to fighting against youth unemployment by bridging the gap between the skills of young job seekers and the needs for know-how and know-how. to be in the labor market.

As part of its mission, EFE-Morocco launched the “TAKE IT FORWARD” project in October 2020, in partnership with the Belgian Development Agency Enabel, as part of the Wehubit program.

The objective of this project is to provide young job seekers in Morocco with the necessary means for better integration into the labor market, by offering them training focused on a booming sector that offers remunerative employment opportunities. : New Information and Communication Technologies (NTIC), according to a press release from EFE-Morocco.

Thus, EFE-Morocco and Enabel, through the TAKE IT FORWARD project, have taken into account the needs of companies in the new technologies sector and have endeavored to provide candidates with the most useful digital and behavioral skills for immediate integration. and successful in their position.

This initiative aims to strengthen the pool of talent needed by the NICT sector while reducing the unemployment rate affecting young people aged 18 to 35 in Morocco.

After nearly three years of implementation, with the initial objective of supporting 270 young people, EFE-Morocco and Enabel today celebrate the results of their program, having trained more than 330 young job seekers in soft skills , in coding, languages ​​and digital, announce the two partners.

This retraining and skills development process has led to the effective employment of more than 120 beneficiaries on the labor market, 57% of whom are women. This program has benefited regions with high potential such as Fez and Tangier, in addition to large cities such as Casablanca and Rabat, with a view to inclusive geographical coverage.


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