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32% of roads in very average condition

Faced with a high rate of impassable roads, the Minister of Equipment and Water, Nizar Baraka, said the government was seeking to improve the condition of the roads to reach 66% of the roads at an average or good level.

Speaking during the oral question session in the House of Representatives held on Monday, Baraka said that only 62% of roads in Morocco are in good condition, while 32% of roads are said to be in very average condition and require repair. maintenance. 6% of the roads are in a catastrophic state.

In this sense, the Minister specifies that the government seeks to improve the state of the roads, noting that 46% of the budget of the ministry, that is to say 300 billion centimes, were allocated to the maintenance of the roads.

It should be noted that road accidents generate a cost equivalent to 2.5% of the kingdom’s GDP, a significant percentage knowing that considerable efforts have been made for several years to put an end to the haemorrhage of the roads.




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