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31 years later, Jamel Debbouze confides in the accident which cost him his arm

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31 years after the accident which changed his life, Jamel Debbouze comes out of his silence. Very discreet about the circumstances of the paralysis of his right arm, the Franco-Moroccan comedian confides bluntly.

In an interview with Jeux vous aime magazine, Jamel Debbouze returned to his accident in January 1990 which cost him the use of his arm.

The actor and comedian, known for always having his hand in his pocket, has made his handicap his strength. Although he knew how to laugh, the interpreter of “Numérobis” in “Asterix and Obelix: Mission Cleopatra” returned to the consequences of his tragic accident.

The 46-year-old actor agreed to indulge himself on this sad day in 1990, in January 17, when he was only 14 years old when he was struck by the Paris-Nantes train at the station of Hatches.

In the interview given to Patrick Sébastien, Jamel remembers this terrible moment when he learns that he will not regain the use of his arm.

“The first instinct I have when the doctor tells me is to ask him to lend me one of the colored pens he has in his pocket, because right away, I train to start. write with the left hand ”, he told the magazine.

The Moroccan also explained the reason for not talking about it. “As if this accident was a non-topic. In the end, it shouldn’t be a subject ”, adds the humorist.

An accident that would have prevented him from pursuing his first dream of becoming a professional footballer. ” Vocation failed, all because of my meniscus! Otherwise I would have made an international career! Since my accident, all I have experienced is a bonus, a reprieve ”, explains the fan of the France team.

Debbouze may have the opportunity to live his dream through his son Léon, who also wants to tread the lawns. “He wants to be a footballer! Léon Debbouze! Princes Park! In the World Cup final! Seriously, comedian or footballer, I’m proud of the moment he’s enjoying his life! I always tell my kids, ‘Do what you want, but do it your best! “, he concluded.



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