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3,032 offenses from 1st Chaabane to 5th Ramadan

Some 3,032 breaches of price and quality regulations were observed from 1 Chaâbane to 5 Ramadan 1444, following operations carried out by local price and product quality control commissions at the level of prefectures and provinces.

A total of 552 of these offenses were the subject of formal notices from the offenders and 2,480 were sanctioned by reports sent to the competent courts, indicates a press release from the Competition, Prices and Compensation Department ( DCPC), under the Ministry of Economy and Finance, relating to the 1st meeting of the Interministerial Commission responsible for monitoring supply, prices and price and quality control operations for the holy month of Ramadan, held on Tuesday.

Offenses sanctioned by reports concern 1,023 offenses against Law 31-08 enacting consumer protection measures relating mainly to the failure to display prices and the non-issuance of an invoice to the customer, 733 offenses against the law 104-12 on freedom of prices and competition mainly relating to the illicit increase in regulated prices, 664 violations of law 77-15 prohibiting plastic bags and 60 violations of texts relating to hygiene and health safety .

This control, which covered 60,812 points of sale, made it possible to seize and destroy 129 tonnes of quantities of products unfit for consumption or not in conformity with the standards in force, the press release said.



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