3 draft decrees on the menu of the Council of Government on Thursday

A Council of Government will be held next Thursday under the chairmanship of the head of government, Aziz Akhannouch,

The Council will begin its work by examining three draft decrees, the first of which relates to the methods of application of the law relating to the protection of plants and the second to the creation of an industrial acceleration zone in the Ain Johra Industrial Park, says a statement from the head of government’s department.

The third draft decree concerns the modification of the decree taken for the application of law n° 01-07 enacting specific measures relating to real estate residences for the promotion of tourism and modifying and supplementing law n° 61-00 status of tourist establishments, according to the same source.

The Council will also examine proposals for appointment to high office, in accordance with the provisions of Article 92 of the Constitution.

At the end of this Council, the government will hold a special meeting devoted to the examination of legislative proposals, the press release concludes.



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