3.8 MDH as support for plastic and visual arts projects

3.8 MDH as support for plastic and visual arts projects

More than 3.84 million dirhams have been allocated under the support program for projects relating to the plastic and visual arts sector for the first session of 2023, said the Ministry of Youth, Culture and of Communications.

The Support Commission for projects in the plastic and visual arts sector met during the period from June 19 to 24 to study the application files which exceeded 331, specifies a press release from the ministry, noting that the subsidies allocated totaled 3,842,000 Dhs.

These subsidies are distributed over artist residences for an amount of 90,000 Dh, the organization of exhibitions and plastic and visual arts fairs for an amount of 1,395,000 Dh, visual creativity for an amount of 704,000 Dh and the acquisition of works of art for an amount of 1,653,000 Dh, specifies the ministry, noting that no project has been subsidized in the field of participation in exhibitions and plastic and visual arts fairs.

Chaired by Mehdi Zawak, the Commission is made up of Rim Laâbi, Rachida Lakhel, Boucheta El Hiyani, Rouchdi Bernoussi, Abdelhak Afandi, Abdelaziz El Idrissi and Mohamed Benyacoub.

It should be noted that the Commission studied the projects according to the conditions and selection criteria pre-established in the specifications, namely the relevance of the project, its quality, its innovation and its influence, the professional experience of the project leader, the promotion of artistic, plastic and pictorial creation, the place of artists in the artistic scene and the subject of the project, cultural diversity and the contribution to the promotion of Moroccan artistic creation, as well as the contribution of projects to the national and international art.


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