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252 MDH paid to 309 associations working in the field of disability

The Minister of Solidarity, Social Integration and Family, Aawatif Hayar, indicated on Monday that 252 million dirhams (MDH) were paid to 309 associations working in the field of disability.

In response to a question addressed by the Socialist Group on “subsidies devoted to associations working in the field of disability”, during the plenary session devoted to oral questions in the House of Representatives, Hayar underlined that in accordance with the High Guidelines of the King Mohammed VI, the government has allocated a grant of 500 MDH to these associations.

Part of this grant is reserved for schooling, she added, stressing the need to support the economic inclusion of adults with disabilities. She, in this sense, specified that 60 MDH were devoted to the financing of 1,000 projects during the last year as well as for the current year.

On the other hand, Hayar said that the integrated public policy for the protection of children in Morocco in its first phase 2015-2020, the action plan for the protection of children from exploitation in begging and the program social assistance to children in street situations are “scattered programs”, explaining that the ministry worked for the evaluation of the first 2015-2020 program for the protection of children.

Responding to a question on the “assessment of the Action Plan for the protection of children from exploitation in begging” posed by the Authenticity and Modernity group, the Minister indicated that her department had opted for “protection units which were not previously part of the “integrated territorial child protection systems”, noting that, within the framework of convergence, a study was also drawn up for the creation of the National Agency for the Protection of very difficult childhood.

The ministry’s new approach is based on digitalization to make reporting automatic for each child who is exploited or in a street situation, she continued.

As for the strengthening of national solidarity mechanisms, the government official assured, in response to a question from the Istiqlalian Group for Unity and Egalitarianism, that the ministry is adopting a new approach, based on “the consolidation and support capacity”, noting that “more than 4,000 social centers under the ministry have been equipped with the “unified digital social counter”.



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