25 irregular migrants dead, 10 missing in tragic boat capsizing incident off Guelmim

25 irregular migrants dead, 10 missing in tragic boat capsizing incident off Guelmim

Irregular migration boats in the Guelmim and Adnoun region are still claiming dozens of victims who dream of reaching European soil from the Atlantic coast.

MoroccoLatestNews learned from identical sources that an irregular migration boat had a capsizing accident on the coast of Guelmim after setting off from a nearby beach, resulting in 10 disappearances and 25 deaths.

A survivor tells MoroccoLatestNews that the boat departed the night of last Thursday-Friday around two o’clock in the morning, carrying 45 Moroccan irregular migration candidates, with the exception of a woman, the boat’s captain and his assistant, who were of Sub-Saharan origins.

The survivor, a young man from the city of Casablanca, stated that high waves caused the boat to capsize only minutes after the start of the trip, resulting in the disappearance of 10 people, and the immediate death of 25 others, including five women and two minors, with only 10 people surviving the deadly attempt.

Survivors were forced to walk long kilometers in search of a paved road in order to facilitate their return before they encountered members of the Royal Armed Forces, who provided them with assistance and supervised the procedures for transporting them towards Guelmim and handing them over to members of the Royal Gendarmerie, who took their statements.

The young man in his twenties said that the majority of migrants came from the regions of Casablanca, Beni Mellal, Fkih Bensalah, Kelaat Sraghna, Agadir and Souk Sabt.

Guelmim-Ouednoun had previously been shaken by incidents of similar boat capsizes, the most recent of which occurred in April this year in the same beach and resulted in the death of 11 people, including eight Moroccans and three sub-Saharan African migrants.


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