2023 Women’s FIFA World Cup generates over $570 Million

2023 Women’s FIFA World Cup generates over 0 Million

Gianni Infantino, President of FIFA, revealed that the revenue generated by the 2023 Women’s FIFA World Cup has exceeded $570 million.

He highlighted the accomplishment of the tournament, particularly given the substantial increase in the prize money compared to the 2015 edition.

Speaking at the FIFA Women’s Football Convention, Infantino praised this year’s event as the largest and most impressive to date, echoing sentiments expressed by fans and critics alike. 

Infantino emphasized that despite initial concerns about financial viability, the 2023 Women’s World Cup has generated significant revenue, resulting in a balanced financial outcome.

This achievement establishes the Women’s World Cup as the second highest-grossing global sporting event, following the men’s World Cup.

Acknowledging the achievement, Infantino recognized that the prize money for the Women’s World Cup is still considerably less than that of the men’s tournament. 

The $152 million prize fund for the women’s event is notably lower than the $440 million allocated for the men’s World Cup in Qatar. Infantino reiterated the importance of striving for gender equality in soccer.

Infantino also addressed skeptics who questioned the selection of Australia and New Zealand as hosts and the expansion of the tournament, asserting that the success of the 2023 Women’s FIFA World Cup provides a response to doubts and reaffirms FIFA’s decision-making.

As the anticipation for the tournament’s conclusion builds, with the World Cup final between England and Spain set to take place in Sydney on Sunday, the achievement of the 2023 Women’s FIFA World Cup underscores the growing global prominence of women’s football.


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