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20% of Moroccans had predicted a route to the semi-finals, 18% the Cup

Morocco qualified for the semi-finals of the World Cup, Qatar 2022, after a landslide victory against Portugal (1-0). A journey and a victory that will remain in the annals and in the history of Morocco, Africa and the Arab world. According to a recent study, 20% of Moroccans had predicted a route to the semi-finals of the Atlas Lions while 18% predicted a crowning victory for Morocco in this World Cup.

During this 22nd edition of the CM, Morocco is participating for the second time in a row and the 6th time in its history. After the first two matches of this exceptional World Cup at all levels, Morocco has great ambitions. Having met Croatia (vice-world champions 2018) and Belgium, semi-finalists of the previous edition, Morocco has 4 points from a victory and a draw. Results that have something to make Moroccans more optimistic.

Indeed, in a recent study carried out by the Sunergia Group, on the fervor of Moroccans in this World Cup, the course predicted by Moroccans for their team, and the outcome of this world cup, 63% of Moroccans expressed their desire to watch this edition of the Football World Cup, while 33% indicated that they did not want to watch, while 3% of respondents did not decide.

In detail, men said they wanted to watch the World Cup more (76%), while CSPs A and B said they also wanted to watch this World Cup more (83%). In terms of age categories, there are no significant differences, says the study.

Regarding the enthusiasm of Moroccans for this WC or for the national team, 30% of Moroccans questioned affirmed that they will watch all the matches of the World Cup, while 13% will only watch a few matches.

Furthermore, 52% of respondents indicated that they would only watch the matches of the national team, while 25% said nothing. In detail, the rate of people who say they want to watch all matches is higher among men (37%), while people who say they want to watch only national team matches are more women (71 %), underlines the study.

Asked where they will watch the matches, 64% of respondents said they will watch the matches at home, 42% prefer to watch them at the cafe, 4% from their place of work while 3% said they watched games with friends. Only 1% of respondents said they wanted to watch matches in gatherings and on giant screens.

In detail, women (90%), 55-64 year olds and 65 year olds and over (respectively 72% and 81%), rural people (88%) as well as CSP A and B (77%) will watch more this World Cup at home. The rate of people preferring coffee to watch the matches is higher among men (62%), young people aged 25 to 34 (55%) and rural people (50%).

Thus, the study revealed that Morocco celebrates the Football World Cup mainly in homes and cafes.

In this World Cup, Moroccans have never been as optimistic as they are today. This is also demonstrated by the study carried out by the Sunergia Group. Indeed, it appears that Moroccans are rather positive vis-à-vis the course of the national team.

Thus, and questioned on the course of Morocco in this World Cup, 7% predicted an elimination from the group stage while 15% predicted that Morocco will reach the 8th finals.

In addition, 12% predicted a route to the quarter-finals, while 20% predicted a route to the semi-finals. Also, 19% predicted the arrival of Morocco to the final while 18% even predicted a crowning victory for Morocco in this World Cup.

Even before the start of this World Cup in Qatar, controversies erupted everywhere, especially from Europe. Asked precisely about the controversies surrounding this 22nd edition, only 7% of Moroccans claim to know about it.

In detail, it is more men (11%), 35-44 year olds (12%) and CSP A, B (13%) and CSP C (12%) who are aware of these controversies. People who are not aware of these controversies are more women and 18-24 year olds (98% each).

Regarding the known controversies, the study underlines that in 25% of cases it is about the working conditions of stadium staff, 21% of respondents said they were aware of the rules imposed by Qatar on supporters while 17% are aware of the contribution of Qatar to organize this World Cup.

Also, 10% claimed to be aware of the controversy surrounding Qatar’s refusal to support homosexuals, 7% are aware of the controversy over the air conditioning of stadiums and 5% of respondents know that Morocco is in charge of security.



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