2 members of the security forces and 33 migrants in hospital

Local sources in the wilaya of Nador indicated that 2 members of the security forces and 33 of the sub-Saharan migrants who launched the assault on the city of Nador and Melilla, are currently under medical observation both at Hassani Hospital. of Nador and at the University Hospital Center of Oujda.

The people hospitalized are in a stable state of health, specifies the local authorities who publish their new report updated on Saturday.

Friday morning, June 24, a group of more than 2,000 sub-Saharan migrants fought extremely violent battles against Moroccan forces to enter the city of Melilla.

Armed with sharp tools, stones, iron bars, the organized group then stormed the iron fence at the level of the wilaya of Nador. The riots during the climbing of the fence, caused falls and injuries for several of them, currently under medical observation.



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