2.4 million self-employed workers registered in the last 18 months

2.4 million self-employed workers registered in the last 18 months

Some 2.4 million self-employed workers have been registered with Compulsory Health Insurance (AMO) over the past 18 months, the Minister for Economic Inclusion, Small Business, employment and skills, Younes Sekkouri.

In a speech on the occasion of the celebration of May Day, the Minister pointed out that 340,000 members of their families have also been registered for this scheme, ie a total of 2.74 million workers and dependents.

3.76 million beneficiaries were also registered under AMO Tadamon, the costs of which are borne by the State (approximately 10 billion dirhams per year), and whose number beneficiaries reached almost 6 million people.

Sekkouri underlined the importance of the AMO, of which “the cost for the employee, his wife and his children is fixed from 100 dirhams, knowing that the basket of care is very substantial, including in particular surgical operations at high cost “, specifying that in certain cases, the sum covered in favor of the beneficiary reached 130 million centimes for a single operation.

On the other hand, he noted that the 1st of May “constitutes an achievement, because it is an opportunity for the parties concerned by work and employment, namely the government, trade unions and employers, to reflect and examine the results of their action”, noting that this celebration is also an opportunity to “greet the Moroccan working class and celebrate its contributions in the establishment of the conditions for the global development that our country is experiencing”.

This contribution was clearly manifested during the Covid-19 pandemic, which did not halt Moroccan production despite all the difficulties, thanks to the mobilization of all Moroccans behind SM King Mohammed VI, in a way that has aroused the admiration of the whole world, the minister said.

In the past, there was no framework committing the government and the social and economic partners “to work responsibly to solve the problems we face together”, he said, adding that thanks to the agreement concluded the day before May 1, 2022, the parties have undertaken to meet to examine the problems posed in a periodic, responsible and regular manner with a view to finding solutions.

“Social dialogue is, moreover, an opportunity to take stock of the challenges and difficulties facing Morocco, because we are not immune to what is happening in other countries, and a large part of our problems exist in many countries, including developed countries,” he insisted.

Sekkouri has, in this sense, assured that the government will spare no effort to implement the expected reforms in the field of work, employment and vocational and continuing training, in addition to the implementation of the provisions of the Investment Charter and improving the functioning of the administration.


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