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172 HR organizations call for an end to the humanitarian catastrophe

The continued exacerbation of human suffering in Yemen, the tragic humanitarian conditions at all levels, and the scarcity of aid that does not meet minimum requirements has prompted 172 human rights and civil society.

Worried about the situation in Yemen, which is entering its eighth year of war and blockade, these 172 human rights organizations have called for an end to the humanitarian catastrophe in this country, the lifting of the blockade and the consolidation of peace between the Yemenis.

In what can be described as a memorandum, these 172 organizations have exposed, with supporting figures, the extremely difficult and painful situation that the Yemeni people are going through, indicating that more than 20 million Yemeni citizens are threatened with famine and starvation, with the interruption of wages and salaries and the continuation of restrictions on ports and airports.

According to statistics published by Yemeni human rights organizations, and raised in the memo whose MoroccoLatestNews UK owns a copy, the number of victims of the bombardments and the siege, among them a large number of children and women, exceeded in eight years 13,437 dead and wounded.

More than 2.3 million children under 5 suffer from malnutrition

In Yemen, the number of dead women and children has reached 6,312 (2,436 women and 3,876 children), while the number of injured women and children is 7,125 (2,862 women and 4,263 children), alert human rights organizations rights, noting that the number of displaced persons stood at 5,159,560 people until the end of August 2022, representing a total of 740,122 families.

Also, the 172 organizations representing almost the entire world came back to the UN report, which says that 60,000 women have lost their husbands during these 8 years, while the number of households headed by women in Yemen has reached 417,000.

In addition, nearly 6.1 million students and pupils suffer from the collapse of the education system, and about 3,500 schools are either destroyed or damaged, the same note continues, noting that there also has 2,400,000 children out of school, while the number of children facing interruption to their education could reach six million children. As for the number of people with disabilities, it has increased from three million before the attack to 4.5 million today, including around 5,559 children, while the number of people affected by the consequences of the attack has increased to 4,000 victims. civilians, including approximately 131 children, including 25 dead, and 26 women.

To expose the scale of the situation, HR organizations say that more than 2.3 million children under the age of five suffer from malnutrition, and 632,000 children suffer from severe acute malnutrition, which threatens their lives in the very short term. term (during the current year).

In addition, the same source reveals the presence of more than 1.5 million pregnant and breastfeeding women who suffer from malnutrition, of which 650,495 women are moderately malnourished.

It is known that one woman and six newborns die every two hours due to complications during pregnancy or childbirth, and the number of women who may lose their lives during pregnancy or childbirth is estimated at around 17 000 women “, warn the 172 human rights organizations.

For peaceful solutions that guarantee the dignity of all Yemenis

Faced with the continuation of the painful human reality and following this call, the 172 HR and civil society organizations affirm their condemnation of the war against Yemen as well as its perpetrators, led by the ” coalition country »and demand just compensation for the destruction and loss that Yemen has suffered over the past eight years.

Also, these organizations call for urgent effective and positive action by all free peoples of the world to end the aggression and protect civilians, as well as to form an independent international commission of experts to investigate all the crimes committed against the Yemeni people and to hold accountable all those involved.

They also call for the formation of an international group of independent experts to open an investigation into war crimes, the aggression against Yemen and other violations of international humanitarian law over the past eight years, also calling on the countries of the coalition to promptly pay the salaries of employees in all governorates” without discrimination“, and to lift the armed blockade, especially on Sana’a International Airport and the port of Hodeidah, as a sign and indicator of peace and the beginning of the end of the war against Yemen and the response to the basic needs of its people.

While calling on democratic forces, trade unions and civil society organizations, both in the United States and the European Union, to pressure their countries to immediately cease arms exports to participating countries to the war on Yemen, call for all Yemeni parties to sit down at a table of dialogue, under the auspices of the United Nations, to agree on peaceful solutions that protect Yemeni society from the conflicts that are tearing its fabric apart socially, and in a manner that guarantees the dignity of all Yemenis, based on internationally recognized principles of human and peoples’ rights, including the principles of transitional justice and non-impunity.



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