11 arrested in motorcycle theft ring with Morocco link

11 arrested in motorcycle theft ring with Morocco link

Catalonia’s police arrested 11 individuals and issued arrest warrants for four more, revealing a criminal gang involved in stealing motorcycles from a popular Japanese brand in Barcelona. These stolen motorcycles were disassembled and their parts sent to Morocco for reassembly and resale.

The stolen motorcycles were transported in rental vans to warehouses, where they were quickly dismantled before sending the parts to Morocco.

The group used a two-step approach for shipping. parts of the motorcycles went through a family network in Spain, coordinated from France. The other parts were shipped by a Moroccan-based company, hidden among other legitimate packages.

In Morocco, the stolen motorcycles were reassembled and sold to private buyers. This international criminal organization involved 15 individuals, with 11 already arrested during a two-phase police operation on September 13th and 14th. 

Four more individuals are currently sought under arrest warrants.

During the investigation, police actions in Barcelona  led to the recovery of seven complete motorcycles, allowing seven owners who reported theft to reclaim their vehicles.


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